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Hello there!

I started blogging back when I was in high school in 2015 by writing short fictional stories for my very first blog (I was young and dumb; please be nice). But this hobby died out pretty soon as I graduated high school and entered college.

Flash forward to 2020, when a pandemic struck the world, and for a while, everyone just stayed in peace and quiet at home. There was no better time to revive a dead hobby. So, I started writing again and launched my second blog . This time I focused on writing non-fiction because college life just sucked all the creativity out of me, I guess. I graduated from college a couple of months later; and you guessed it, my blogging hobby died with it (again).

One day in 2023, the universe, through its complex machinations, has somehow pushed me to want to write again. Since I have worked as a software engineer for over two years, by that time, I might as well use some fancy new tools to build a fancy new blog (The very same blog you are visiting right now). This time, I transferred everything from my second blog here so my recent works won’t be lost to the endless void of the internet.

So here we are with my third personal blog. I have no set “themes” about what type of content I will post here, but I know I am generally interested in education and technology. I love writing and believe that “immortalizing” my thoughts and feelings will help me become a better person and help others with my insights and experiences. Whatever it is I might write here, I hope that someday I will look back at what I wrote throughout the years with pride (or embarrassment).

Thank you for taking the time to read my writings :)

Ibrahim Fadhil Djauhari
(Future) Underwater Robotics Engineer

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